Online Sweepstakes Arcade 📲 We host 9 different systems: Orion Stars, Vpower, Golden Dragon, Fire Kirin, Xgames, River Sweeps, Ultra Monster, Golden City and our all new favorite Magic City!! Each system providing you with a wide variety of games right to your phone! Text our customer service line to get started today 🤩


  --- NO REFUNDS ---     

- Must present hard copy photo I.D  to redeem

- Credits will not be added on any "pending"/"on hold" donations

- Maximum Redeem: 500 credits per 24 hours
- Minimum Redeemable: 20 credits

- Minimum Donation of 5 credits for all systems

- Donations that are seven days or older will not be honored 

- We are not responsible for any credit once it has been added to system

- Must be 18 years of age or older to play


- We reserve the right to refuse service

- We will not honor refund request, requesting a refund will invalidate your donation

- Use of any foul language will get you banned

- If you donate less than 5 credits it will be void

- If participating in matches you must redeem for 80 credits or more

-  Must enter first and last name, along with the game system to your cashapp notes or we will not honor it. 



-Referrals Bonus: 5 credits for referring a new customer who made a donation of 20 credits or more on the first donation sent, received upon request


-New Customer Bonus: Bonus of 5 credits to the new customer if new customer donates 20 credits or more on the first donation sent, received upon request 


-Birthday Bonus: 20 credit given once a year on date of birth; must present drivers license or government-issued I.D. card to claim; must be existing customer to receive 


*DISCLAIMER: You must claim referral bonuses/new customer bonuses one week from sign up date. Birthday bonuses must be claimed on date of birth no later or earlier.